Caching issue

Apr 27, 2010 at 2:58 PM

I am having another fun issue with 1.1.0.

In my current project, I am getting some mixed up site map paths. For instance:

I get "My STEP > Edit Profile" for Account/Home, and a lot of other pages (Home/ControlPanel and all children, Home/Index, etc.)

Basically, anything UNDER EditProfile get's tagged as being the "Edit Profile" page.

I'm assuming this is a caching issue, but I have been fighting it for a few days and have no idea what I'm doing wrong.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<siteMap xmlns="" enableLocalization="false">
  <mvcSiteMapNode title="My STEP" controller="Account" action="Home" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*">
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Equivalencies" controller="Equivalency" action="Index">
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Equivalency" controller="Equivalency" action="Edit" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Create Equivalency" controller="Equivalency" action="Create" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Requests" controller="Request" action="Index">
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Request" controller="Request" action="Edit" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Create Request" controller="Request" action="Create" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Logout" controller="Account" action="LogOff" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Profile" controller="Account" action="EditProfile" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit SATERN Id" controller="Account" action="EditSaternId" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Supervisor" controller="Account" action="EditSupervisor" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />

    <mvcSiteMapNode title="STEP Menu" controller="Home" action="Index" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />

    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Accounts" controller="Account" action="Index">
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Login" controller="Account" action="LogOn" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Register Account" controller="Account" action="Register" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Change Password" controller="Account" action="ChangePassword" />
  <mvcSiteMapNode title="Control Panel" controller="Home" action="ControlPanel">
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Courses" controller="Course" action="Index">
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Course" controller="Course" action="Edit" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Create Course" controller="Course" action="Create" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Disciplines" controller="Discipline" action="Index">
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Discipline" controller="Discipline" action="Edit" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Discipline Courses" controller="Discipline" action="EditCourses" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Create Discipline" controller="Discipline" action="Create" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Organizations" controller="Organization" action="Index">
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Organization" controller="Organization" action="Edit" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Create Organization" controller="Organization" action="Create" />
    <mvcSiteMapNode title="Roles" controller="Role" action="Index">
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Edit Role" controller="Role" action="Edit" isDynamic="true" dynamicParameters="*" />
      <mvcSiteMapNode title="Create Role" controller="Role" action="Create" />

Apr 27, 2010 at 3:01 PM
Edited Apr 27, 2010 at 3:14 PM

And if I start removing sitemap nodes, it just changes to another sitemap node.

I'm going to try downloading the most recent source and see if it makes any difference...

Well that helped... I must have been using an older source version. I'll play around with it and see if it fixes things.