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Breadcrumbs display paramteres set last when simultaneous requests to the same action


When values of the node properties are changed in controller's action and many simultaneous requests are happened to this action then values from last request replace previous request values. I know this is because of static class. But I would like to know how to resolve this case. I didn't find answers anywhere how to do it working.

I have found the same issue was fixed here but it is really not fixed. Maybe to do it working it needs to do something special. Documentation is very weak and say nothing.

var node = SiteMap.CurrentNode;

First request to Action:
node.ParentNode.Title = "Some Title 1";
node.ParentNode.Url = UrlHelper.Action("ActionName1", new { uid = someUid1});

Second request to Action (properties are set by the first request but breadcrumbs are not rendered yet):
node.ParentNode.Title = "Some Title 2";
node.ParentNode.Url = UrlHelper.Action("ActionName2", new { uid = someUid2});

So on one request we see settings from the other request.